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Past Live and Mother and P-XOME information: What Was in a Name ?

A real performance:It was on Nov 22, 1994 in Sugamo. Xome performed in a very live situation at GaiGoDai. Room 1117. Slurp! Click here for a show review.

A real performance: It was on January 15, 1995 @ LaMama in Shibuya. Xome went out on a limb with Merzbow, C.C.C.C.II, Seiichi Yamamoto, (Boredoms, Omoide Hatoba), Kumiko Yamamoto and time didn't permit M. Jackson to go on. Sob. Shoot here for a lovely show review.

A real performance: It was on January 17, 1995 @ Gear (YaneUra II) in Koenji. Withith: Xome, Gaji, Butcher and Bonds, Grand Afro Master and Scraps.

A real performance: It was on February 2, 1995 @ Showboat in Kouenji. We were all blessed with the name 'Electronic Karma Sutra' for this one. Xome was on one stage at one time with Akita Masami (Merzbow), Nakahara Masaya (Violent Onsen Geisha), Sakaibara Tetsuo (Saharin Factory), Takei Yoshimichi Dance Company, Kosakai Fumio (Incapacitants), Pain Jerk, Reiko A. (Merzbow) and more... The details can been seen by pointing and clicking here!

A real performance: It was on February 12, 1995 @ Yaneura in Shimokitazawa. Someone called this 'The Vegetable Soup on the Hibachi'. The smash performance was with: Bubii, Xome, Little Fujiko, Daiichi Chinpo Jiru, The Subways, and was that's it. Many wonderful photographs were taken by Yoichi Kayama during this event of the week. Click over to here to see them now.

A real performance: It was on March 7, 1995 @ 20,000 volts in Kouenji. A nice name was gracefully stuck on this mother. Namely, 'Flying Heads Om'. Xome performed with : Puckoo, the Subways, Yohei Hasegawa project. Hmmm, we kind of thought that this one was going to be done at Yaneura again but, confusion for the masses.... it was at 20,000 V.

A real performance: Was at 20,000 V in Kouenji on April 4, 1995. In one evening, live on stage...Pukoo, Xome, Yohei Hasegawa. Not too many people showed up but the ones that did were more than entertained. Perhaps the most outstanding Xome performance to date. If you missed it, kick yourself once, forget about it because you can't go back in time, and come to the next performance.

An honest to gum performance: It was on April 28, 1995 @ 20,000 V in Kouenji. On this incredible night, you were enlightened by Grand Mother Fucker, Little Fujiko, Xome, Piraneji and Hormone Rider. It was actually guaranteed to be a show never to be forgotten and nobody has so far. And that's all...

A true blue performance: Once again it was at 20,000 volts in Kouenji. This time it was on May 30,1995. This incredible performance was sponsored by the Japan Trancsendental Cacophony Association. CCCC, Pain Jerk, Grand Mother Fucker, Xome, Cult Junk Cafe and Pukoo put on a extreme and extremly jolly good show. A lot of people came to see this one but the world didn't end the next day. Thanks to the great gum of alien abductions. Click here for a fun, fun show review.

A honest-to-goodness performance: This time it was on June 8, 1995 at Showboat in Kouenji. Xome split lots and lots of ears and scared everyone. It was with Mackerel Can Moulding Company, Lemon (?), Butthole Cosuck, and the ever so amaizing, Sukarabe Jizo. Sometimes I wonder.

95.8.10 was a nice day: The Japan Transcendental Cacophony hosted a cornucopia of cacophony with Merzbow, Xome, CCCP, Killer Bug and Pain Jerk. People came. People cried. People left. People will always remember. There will be some real Xome photos taken at this one for you to gaze at and wonder. Click here for an excuse for a show review. Slide on over to here for incredulous photos snapped by Shinji Nukii.

95.10.07 (Saturday)At Shibuya LaMama
with: Kiyoshi Mizutani (ex - Merzbow), Killer Bug, Xome, Barrel Organ and Y. Hasegawa!
It was quite a show. We saw power electronics being abused and abused as well as Kiyoshi Mizutani using wood for a mind boggling sound source.

95.10.15 (Sunday)At Gear in Koenji
with: Incapacitants, Mackerel Can Molding Company, Xome, Mindanao and Grand Mother Fucker.
This night was filled with strangeness beyond the human imagination. We saw big bears craving fish, improvised muck rock and a rather bizzare performance sound-wise from Xome.

95.11.24 (Friday) - Shinjuku Theatre Poo
with : Death Squad, Stimbox, Xome, Killer Bug and a wonderful trio featuring Tsunoda Tsuguto and Mike Hartman. A virtual flying kinky kids fuck fest full of dissonance and excruciating imagery. jEsus Krrist! It was a blast from the future - right in my earhole.

96.1.28 - Uplink Factory in Shibuya
Xome had this performance with Otomo Yoshihide, Astro Twin (Ami Yoshida and Utah Kawasaki), Satoru Wono, Yuko Nexus 6, Microscope and Tomomi Adachi as everyone's favorite master of ceremonies. Watch out!

96.2.12 - 20,000 Volts in Koenji.
Gee what else?! Xome joined up with Barrell Organ to produce something that everyone liked and brought home with them in their minds. Mindanao performed too as well as H. Burger from Stereo. Urgesnake played too! Xome tried not to wreck the big amps at 20,000 volts. You have to had seen this....

96.3.28 - 20,000 Volts in Koenji Town
Biscuits?! No. One of those outrageous Xome performances! This time with Free Zone Dynamic Audio and .......

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