Igyo no ohkoku
(Kingdom of Freaks)
January 15, 1995
at LaMama
Shibuya, Tokyo

Merzbow, Xome, CCCC2, Yamamoto Seiichi (Boredoms, Omoide Hatoba) Yamamoto Kumiko (ex - Suigin Lamp)

Xome graced the stage first and blessed the crowd with a raging boner of sound and fun bringing tears and blood to the eyes of the unsuspecting audience. The rumored rock band deviated from the norm and produced stranges noises from large steel plates, body suits and metal objects. Sparks flew as images of something a little more than nothing illuminated the sound. With little suprises around every corner, Xome kept the audience clinging to thier seats begging for more. I know I wanted more.

Next was the Yamamoto Kumiko unit! Kumiko and her 6 string bass made fun yet blistering sounds as Suzuki (of NP) ground away at the guitar. The cake was not complete with out Akita (of Merzbow) pounding away at the drums and the suprise vocalist Takase. Overall a very heavily noisy show, this unit rocked the mother fuckin' house, word!

And then there was CCCC2. CCCC2 is the CCCC you all know so well with a very slight member mix-around. I've seen them perform in the past but this show has to be crowned as the best I've seen. Starting from presumably nothing, the whole place was eventually filled to the brim with brutal, whirling static. A very nice, but rather violent ending left everybody dumbfounded. I wonder if they can still use their equipment...

Yamamoto Seiichi entered the stage next armed with his acoustic guitar and... that's all! He took a break from jumping around on stage with the Boredoms and Omoide Hatoba and strummed away at his guitar singing heartful songs under a single spotlight. The inherent energy in his blood still shined through as a few people took tissues from the pockets to wipe the flowing tears.

Oh no..Merzbow! Always a great performance, tonight was no exception. The whole time they were performing I didn't see anyone in the crowd move. A mesmerizing wall of dynamic noise permiated the room as Sakaibara growled mean lyrics from the heart. With his eyes rolled into the back of his head, he entered the crowd slowly and grabbed a couple of innocent spectators. This didn't seem to disturb them as they were entranced by Akita and Reiko A.'s pulsing sounds. I think I fell in love again.

An overall incredible evening with a vast variety of old, new, twisted and straight. I didn't want to go home...
- Rik (Some Fear: Can you steal money.)

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