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The Best Of More Than Every Kind Of Beefy Noise Guaranteed Or Quadruple Your Money Back

(in Yap)

Terribly sorry, but we felt it necessary to inject just a little bit too much unjust pain into your world.

This will be it. It will always be the definative "it". XOME is, will be, and can be everything you have ever wanted in an ultra-reality based, extraterrestrially influenced, peacefully masterful, wasted extremities and limbs, really nice electronics and harsh-difficult-performance-art noise troupe from Tokyo, Japan. XOME will be the be-all, end-all of what happens to your ears, eyes, nose and throat. You might be afraid of XOME, but try not to. Especially if you're an easy going street scraper salesperson who loves the world of empty beer cans and convoluted smuck and is looking for a few more excuses to be late for your job, XOME may be just right for you.

XOME has nothing to do with political correctness.



XOME has a more than promising future. Click on over here for an in depth look at future plans XOME has including live performance information.


XOME has had a confusing and shiny past. We still owe a whole bunch of money. Slap on over to here for past live performance information including some really suprising show reviews.


Hey. It's over to here for the XOME compilation information. Holy manoney.


For the ultra stupid XOME graphixx archive, including psychedelic photos snapped during live performances and other rediculous pieces of art as well as other ideas, go right here, right now.


Hear a whole minute of XOME (691k, .au format) right now. Taken from a very live show in a dead place.

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I'll put your head in a pot and fill it with water and boil it.
You don't know shit from a bowl of applesauce
Hey hall-monitor. Get your shit in one shoe.
Up your dink.
BFD A big fuckin deal
if you change all the letters in xome it spells pee.
michael hartman likes girls.
I'd like to grab yr spine & whip ya to death with it, shitwick.
learn how to use text colors you can see, idiot.
Becky Cooper says xome sounds like a war in outer space...
show me your tits
snort poi till you choke and die
XOME is a big pile 'o' shit on a big pile 'o' shit. ling live no salt today..

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