[xenophobe] XOME Pleasant Noise From Plastic Land

A very official and recently expanded to the edge of the universe XOME graphic archive. Please download and zap to your heart's content

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(For bold, adventurous types with fast intermutt connections).

Wacky stuff that went on during the one creepy performance on February 12th, 1995 at that one place, Yaneura in Shimokitazawa. All of these jewels were taken by the one and only Yoichi Kayama:

new! The world becomes a funny place when you gather molecules from both earth and outer space. Just look what happened after the aliens returned to the planet Xixil after their visit to earth on May 30, 1995. They knew something, that's for sure. Some people hated them for it.

Can you see noise? Point your clicking device on some of these to find out. These couple of photos were more than professionally taken by Shinji Nukii of Balloon Kitchen Magazine. This junk happened on August 10, 1995 at the Cyber of Ikebukuro.

new! It's true. It's very, very true. If you weren't there on October 7, 1995 (at la mama that is) then here's what kind of mess you missed.

One more chance to say "you fuck"! Why the hell not. Live it up a little, will ya!

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