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Noisy, noisy, noisy:

V2_Archief has a site with experimental and noise music
Japan Underground Music Web
The undergroundness of muzak in Japan
Charnel Music Catalog, Fall 94
Rock on with Negativland
Gentle Giant Records
Experimental and improv and whatever with an international flair from Kalamazoo, MI, USA
the Kosmic Free Music Foundation Archive
Noise Trip
MSBR Homepage
Noise Party Home Page
Other Groups and Bands
EST Related Links
Welcome to Extreme
Lyrics at LEO (ftp site)
RRRecords Catalog
A small list of the wonderful noise RRR forces on people
The Evolution Control Committee
Everyone's favorite cut-and-paste-a-sound outfit from Ohio
All That Noise! Ouch!
Obligatory List of Links - Links to More Links
Tinty Music : Between Art & Observation
Tekachi Prono Page
browbeat ...the zine
The definative music magazine focusing on good and weird stuff
Welcome to the Ozone
Noise Mailing List
A.K.A. Cult23 - This mailing list is in Japanese!
Zion Train @ The Dragon's Lair
Legionaires disease free since 1990
Theremin Enthusiasts Club International Home Page
A Short History of the Cassette
A History of Prerecorded Audio
thee grievous page
Reviews of experimentalish type kind of musics
International Virus
The self-actualization through firepower magazine. Noise, madness, politics, guns, ugly pictures.
3D House of Beef
Come raid the crack house with some of America's favorite noisters.
Music Archive
All the way from Greece.
nebulus music for nebuous times
An eclectic nebulus internet band

Extra doo doo:

eriko factory stuff
Utter Smut Butter
A purple being that can make you think happy thoughts
Coffin Home Page - Buy A Coffin
The Burning Man Project
Utter Shit From The Subgenius
Find out what it's like to wear the shoe on the other foot
The U.S. House of Representatives - Law Library - C. F. R.
Know the laws that are oppressing you - comes with a searchable interface
The Nation Of Islam
Eric's Web Page
Poetry galore including the poetry magazine "Angry Candy"
Bookmark Page
John's Boxing Page
Make some acessories for your phone
Kyohei's Homepage
The Burning Man Project
The Lojban WWW Archive
Find out what this synthetic language is up to
Club and bar guides
In Tokyo
Dan's Gallery of the Grotesque
Turnstyle to some lovely photos of mal-formed infants and successful suicide attempts.
conceptual multi-media from the future

Very Near Illegal:

Shadow Master's H/P/C Hot Links
Cyber/Phreaker/Cypher/Cracker Shit

UFO Niceness:

Internet UFO Group
Project Phoenix

Some Tools to Tool around with:

Lycos: Hunting WWW Information
WebCrawler Searching
SavvySearch Query Form
The Internet Fax Server
Hostage Handgun Targets


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