Karma Sutra

February 2, 1995 @ Showboat in Kouenji, Tokyo, Japan,
Akita Masami (Merzbow), Nakahara Masaya (Violent Onsen Geisha), Xome, Pain Jerk, Sakaibara Tetsuo (Saharin Factory), Takei Yoshimichi Dance Company, Kosakai Fumio (Incapacitants), Reiko A. (Merzbow) and more...

What happens when you mix happiness, darkness, giant worms, contemplativeness, udon, eggs shoved through tubes, squeaks and grunts, screams and poetry? A noisy egg salad sandwich? No! What you might come up with is a mix-mosh-mass of noisy art-infected incomprehendabilty that is not too easy to forget. This is what happened on this day. A god-damn modern hippy fest. It's kind of difficult to describe the mess that was made to everybody's super-egos but, none the less, it was fun.

Sakaibara entered the stage first with a mezmerising 3 stringed guitar solo that sent the minds of the audience into a psychedelic past where things were a lot simpler. But, as we all know, things get worse. Poetry reading by Xome was another bloody remembrance. Kosakai wailed away at the violin, proving once and for all that something is better than nothing. It was simply amazing. Just when you thought things were O.K., the sounds heard began to mutate into an unrecognizable pile of anti-tones and screaches. Reiko A. sung a lovely lullaby for the insane as images of giant worms were abound. Eriko of Xome baffeled the crowd with a crazy display of low-tech art that made even the people on drugs in the audience instantly sober. Sticky flourescent worm- like things flew around as she writhed around the the gooey mess. How electric! The level of noise in the place reached an unforgettable high as Akita from Merzbow calmly created a blistering audio curtain of chaos. The tension rose and Nakahara from Violent Onsen Geisha vocalized violent utterances. Robert from Takei Yoshimichi Dance Company fooled the whole audience into believing that he was the SM god of egg-blowers as he pranced around in his studded leather-wear and convoluted tube. The Xome project was continuing with their onslaught of nothingness along with Gomi from Pain Jerk as the mood shifted to a more mellow tone. Akita took charge of the drums as Kosakai strummed away at a tiny noise-guitar. How cute. It kind of turned 'jazzy' for a minute minus the pulsing reverberations of noise. After another poem reading about fletcher, Nakahara finished doing sit-ups on stage,and the show wound down to a smooth end. Still shivering in their seats, the crowd uncrossed their eyes and saw the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. This was definately a night to remember. I know one thing for sure - I don't need drugs anymore.
- Rik (Some Fear: Can you steal money.)

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