November 22, 1994 7:40pm
Tokyo Foriegn Language Institute
(Tokyo Gaikokugo Daigaku)
Room 1117
Bar and Live 10$

After very minor electronic difficulties, XOME entered the stage with cocky looks in their eyes and layed hands on tools and intruments that manifested a meaty, slap-happy sound that dropped the jaws of the onlookers. As the sound found its way to the top of the global empire of acid-jazz- hiphop-seoul-punk-grunge-noise-techo-rap and roll, the focus was drawn to a pulsating machine that produced happiness and everyone's favorite Brand Name (r) products. Though the products resembled small eggs, the number of products produced increased exponentially and eventually evolved into an object that looked much like a large egg with hands and arms. The crowd was flabbergasted at the fact that this product was being sold to them by the one and only, Mr. Niceguy. Being the savvy super salesman that he is, he sold the product and went home for the day to his loving wife and ever-so charming children. The stage was flooded with wonderful images of burning art, Hitler, dogs, the letter R with circles around them, and old factories with new smoke pouring out of the smokestacks that towered above them. The growling, hissing sound slowed to a deep, piss invoking pace as time finally passed. The churning, deep tones heard by the audience tapered ON and the cardboard box toting homeless salary man entered the spot light. The product gleaming before him caught his lifeless attention and he was almost forced by some strange extra- terrestial power to draw closer to the Brand Name (r) product that shined in front of his lost eyes. Carressing the product ever so lightly and carefully, he finally realizes his position as a leading member of society. Unbeknown to him, the noise in the background took over and drown his soul in fire. The pressure was ever so intense. Our newfound hero dropped the over-advertized product and the show climaxed to a spurting end. Wow! What an experience.
-Rick (Some Fear: Can you steal money.)

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