Japan Transcendental
Cacophony Association

May 30, 1995 at 20,000 volts in Kouenji, Tokyo, Japan
C.C.C.C., Cult Junk Cafe, Pain Jerk, Grand Mother Fucker, Xome, Pukoo.

Oh what a night. This is the most people I've ever seen gathered at the legendary 20,000 V.
First up was Pukoo. The unit joined up with Yohei Hasegawa for a trance inducing sound that carried you mind away in a bucket of electronic quim that felt warm and cozy. I saw a few people staring at their hands and feet confirming their reality and their place in the universe while they listened to the liquid produced by Pukoo.

Then came Xome. Another laughable but more that serious performance as they fooled the audience into thinking that this was to be another, regular old show. Jaws hit the floor when the story took a massive dive. A UFO landed right there on stage and a real alien from Zeta Reticuli entered the stage with its recently abducted victim. The victim was submitted to all sorts of probing and poking by the merciless alien being. Mind spinning bursts of noise poured from the stage as the alien disappeared into the blue darkness. Though the voice of the visitor was still heard, the blister of noise popped and continued to mesmerize the crowd until the very, very end.

Grand Mother Fucker graced the stage next with their broken junky style and entertained the audience to no end with their addictive rhythm and disjointment. This four human unit continued to give their all to the crowd and crunched through all their favorite tunes. They sweated through their set and forced the swarm of listeners to never forget that they are the omniscient masters of junk.

Pain Jerk terrorized the gathering of people next. Though reduced to a mere one-man noise machine, Gomi-san surprised everyone with his onslaught of cruel and more than unusual metamorphical electronic cacophony. He never let the audience rest for a solid thirty minutes as mothers buried their children in their bosoms for fear of permanent ear damage to their beloved young ones, in a metaphorical sense. Wow.

The six person unit, Cult Junk Cafe entered the stage next with their non-stop improvised myriad of music, noise and sound. The unit was simply amazing with their multitudinous talent and musical skill. They managed to successfully combine a keyboard, drum set, two guitars, a bass guitar, a few turntables and CD players for a mind spinning sensational performance. The group improvised and battled each other on stage, constantly giving signals to each other which led the performance on a roller coaster of sound and energy. You must see them for yourself.

Last up was C.C.C.C. Though they were whittled down to a two person unit for this show, Hino and Hasegawa still pulled off a devastating presentation of brutal noise and power. The assembly of people were treated to a very unkind mixture of thunderous resonating blasts of chaos and violently churning dynamically synthesized hums and buzzes. The tension rose to an intolerable level and screams were released with an uncaring attitude. Equipment was strewn everywhere as the attack continued an exhausted pair left the stage and left the audience writhing for more. Talk about bang for your buck!

- Rik (Some Fear: Can you steal money.)

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