Xome Releases

Total Sum of all Noiseish stuff released by XOME See... dunks not pead.

Xome / Death Squad - "Split (Originally released in 1996)"
Format: CS
Released: 2020

Split (Originally released in 1996)

This cassette release has two sides like most cassette tapes do these days. On side one, we have Xome from Japan at the time and their "top" "hit" release "Life: Quit it.". On the opposite side of the cassette tape you will find Death Squad from San Francisco and his scathing release "Automation". Originally released cooperatively between 23 Sound Recordings (Japan) and Spastik Soniks (US&A). Limited to 50 copies.

Various - "Rogue Pulse / Gravity Collapse"
Format: 10xCDr
Released: 2017-09-27

Rogue Pulse / Gravity Collapse

Release produced by Ratskin Records in direct response to the rapidly worsening political and philosophical conditions in our current world. All proceeds will go to Black Lives Matter national chapter bail fund, the Oakland Immediate Fire Relief Fund and St. James Infirmary in San Francisco, CA. Limited edition of 300 numbered copies.

Xome / Boar - "Xome / Boar Split"
Format: LP
Released: 2016-03

Xome / Boar Split

Superb 2016 split LP on Breaching Static of fractured, unsettled, scissored and antagonised noise electronics. Recommended! (so sayeth Cipher Productions)

Xome - "Double Live Gonzo!"
Format: 2xCD
Released: 2015

Double Live Gonzo!

This album spans performances from 2005-2012 by Xome at various venues in Northern California. This release was limited to 100 copies, each with a KLOS 95.5 rock rainbow Xome sticker included in the package. All audio was captured by Lob of Thee Instagon Foundation.

Various - "The Big California Noise Compilation"
Format: Digital
Released: 2014

The Big California Noise Compilation

Digital release compiled, organized, edited, and produced for Thee Instagon Foundation and the One Nation Under Noise project during the Summer of 2014.

Various - "Noise Conglomerate IV"
Format: Digital
Released: 2013

Noise Conglomerate IV

Digital release featuring a plethora of amazing noise acts including your partner in (noise) crime, Xome.

Xome / Tralphaz - "Xome / Tralphaz Split"
Format: LP
Released: 2012

Xome / Tralphaz Split

In 2006 there was a 10-LP release from Tronicks and RRR called "California" which featured a lot of different noise artists from the golden state. Xome participated in that project and wound up sharing a disc with Tralphaz. Some crazy person -- probably someone in Lowell, MA -- decided it would be good to release just the Xome/Trlphaz disc as a split LP. Hey! Pretty good idea.

Xome / Jolthrower - "Gold Five"
Format: C5
Released: 2011-10-05

Gold Five

In the 6th ruby of this dirty gold boxset, Xome brings a blistering live excerpt of his classic surgical knife detonation approach to live performance. Xome gots total control over his setup, and yet at times it seems that his massive pile of custom made gear channels the darkside. Of his nervous system forcing the human body into convulsions, or maybe it's the sound of electricution slowed down and sped up again? This is the aural analague to that process. On side B, Sacramento, CA's most caffinated act Jolthrower also offers up a live track, recorded at the legendary Sunday morning noise series Godwaffle Noise Pancakes curated by the relentless BSFX crew in moggy San francisco, CA. Jolthrower delivers a short hyphed up blasteroid of good ol' fashioned soda can implosion noise. All sound sources are cans of Jolt Cola?! WTF? Dense.

Xome - "Complete Electronic Broken"
Format: 3 inch CDR
Released: 2011-09

Complete Electronic Broken

This is supposedly Xome in his purest form, outdoors, with a broken PA system. Recorded live, er, dead.

Various - "Spring Noise Blowout 2011"
Format: CDR
Released: 2011-04

Spring Noise Blowout 2011

A document of a live noise show on March 14 2011 in Sacramento, recorded on a zoom and fully mastered for release on disc,it is a 7 way split Cdr featuring Unreleased live material from Striations / Smite! / klowd / Vankmen / Liver Cancer / XOME / Clew Of Theseus! From junk metal abuse, to a contact mic's air compressor, to suspended metal object drone, beat driven harsh noise, Power Electronics, and black noise in your earhole. Recorded by Lob.

Xome - "Separation Anxiety"
Format: Pro CDr
Released: 2010-10-05

Separation Anxiety

Xome presents the world with an earful of reverse technology driven harsh dissonance that includes top shelf suppressed memory induced waves of cacophony. All species will agree that we can and will enjoy our place on our dot in the universe that we call home. Just to keep the audio production on the virtuous side, five narrated short stories are annexed to keep the listener happy as the day is long.

Various - "Twenty Three Seconds Ov Time, Volume One"
Format: CD and Digital
Released: 2010

Twenty Three Seconds Ov Time, Volume One

Compilation of great noise artists doing 23 second tracks. It physically impossible for your mind to wander while listening to this release.

Various - "Sacramento Audio Waffle Vol. 4"
Format: DVD-R
Released: 2007-01

Sacramento Audio Waffle Vol. 4

This would be a DVD document of a live event that took place on Sunday, April 30, 2006 at the S.I.P.R. Studios in Sacramento, California. You can see video footage of the following acts: Kristal Marimba Lounge, Maniac!, Moe! Staiano, Tarantism and Xome. Best viewed with butter and syrup.

Xome / Sixes / Goat - "Deluxe Incinerator"
Format: Triple 3" CD set
Released: 2006-10-31

Deluxe Incinerator

This collection will scrape flesh right off the balls of your feet and serve it up to you in blood sauce.

Xome: your man in the field from San Francisco, his split second timing and rapid jumps between drenching feedback and gristly distortion will cleave your cerebrum nicely.

Goat: from Texas, this lad is the reclusive one of this set; his infrequent and incendiary five minute live sets are the stuff of lore, and his releases (also frustratingly infrequent) are unequivocal cause for rejoice.

Sixes: I am convinced this man-animal is a demonic action figure who terrorizes Oakland and outlying regions. Sixes alters air pressure in any given room with his saturation tests of fuzz and distortion chaos, and his disc is testament to that.

Various - "California 10 LP Box Set"
Format: LP (x10)
Released: 2006-05-31

California 10 LP Box Set

Twenty of the finest noise music artists from California each taking one side of 10 LP records. Artists include Amps For Christ, The Cherry Point, Joe Colley, Control, Gerritt, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Moth Drakula, Oscillating Innards, Open City, Damion Romero, Rubber O Cement, Sixes, The Skaters, Solid Eye, Spastic Colon, Tralphaz, John Wiese, Xome, RHY Yau and Yellow Swans. Compiled by Phil Blankenship (Troniks). Limited edition of 1,000 copies.

Xome / EcoMorti / Tralphaz - "Battle of Primordial Energy Manifesting in Matter"
Format: CDR
Released: 2006-05-13

Battle of Primordial Energy Manifesting in Matter

Xome joins together with Tralphaz to make sounds that make the unborn instantly born. EcoMorti comes right out of the casket to shock onlookers with corpse infested noise. Artwork by Bay Area mad-person Bonnie Banks.

Various - "Tenure"
Format: CDR
Released: 2005-09-30


This CD commemorates the 2005 Northern California Noise Festival. Xome has a track which was recorded live in August 2005 along with other tracks by: Instagon, AMK, Audioemetic, IDX1274, klowd, Kristal Marimba Lounge, Warning Broken Machine, Leporidae, peelS deyaleD, stimbox, Products Of Discordia, The Haters, Uberkunst and +DOG+. Double yummy!

Various - "Cum On Feel The Noize Vol. 2"
Format: CDR
Released: 2005-08

Cum On Feel The Noize Vol. 2

Noise tribute to the wonderful days of bad 80's metal. Tracks by: Frank & The S E M M (Death Angel), A Fail Association (Gothic Slam), MAIM (At War), Habeeb (DRI), Cock ESP (The Rods), The Rita (Sodom), Bacillus (Anthrax), Wapstan (Celtic Frost), Facialmess (Hanoi Rock), Stimbox (Motley Crue), Agit8 (Mortal Sin), Pechuga (Candlemass), OAK (Samhain), Okha (Manowar), WIT (SOD), The Cherry Point (Thor), The Seven Arts (Poison), Seplophobia (Corpse), Xome (Def Leppard) and Nkondi (WASP).

Xome - "Switch"
Format: C20
Released: 2005-03


Xome makes minced meat out of sounds that have rarely been heard by human ears. A brief audio document on the demise of personal conflict and the subsequent recognition of new consciousness. This release has nothing to do with sexual freedom.

Various - "A View From the Strident Underbelly"
Format: DVD
Released: 2005-02

A View From the Strident Underbelly

Scenes from the harsh and experimental underground of noise. Costumed and absurd pedal smashing. 10 artists share their vision on noise and sound in live performance culled from footage captured throughout 2004 on video by Soretooth. Artists that can be viewed are Magnetic Stripper, nkondi, Oscillating Innards, Pedestrian Deposit, Pop Culture Rape Victim, Rubber O Cement, Sixes, Stimbox, Xome and R.H.Y. Yau.

Xome / Oscillating Innards - "Xome vs. Oscillating Innards"
Format: CD-R
Released: 2004-09

Xome vs. Oscillating Innards

Two cacophonus/scathing tracks of uniquely harsh, analog, and Californian noise each from Xome and Oscillating Innards. Includes a remix of various Xome material by OxIx. Limited to 70 copies.

Xome / Stimbox - "split"
Format: CDR (professional)
Released: 2004-08-04


13 tracks of unrelenting harsh noise perfection which is destined stick in your mind throughout your remaining days. The release alternates Xome & Stimbox tracks for extra gratifying hair raising action. Xome belts out quick cut up harsh detonations of ultra sonic cacophony as Stimbox materializes merciless pounding psychedelia.

Various - "Cataclastic Fracture, Vol. 2"
Format: CD
Released: 2004-05

Cataclastic Fracture, Vol. 2

Over 70 international experimental/ambient/noise artists. The compilation was produced in the same manner as the first one that was released in 1994. The comp features artists like: Guilty Connector, Sickness, Big City Orchestra, PCRV, Circuit Wound, ze'rŽØ-sum, T.A.D.M., Xome, Cock ESP, Prurient, In the Land of Archers, Crash at Every Speed, Randy Yau, Concrete Violin, facialmess, & many more.

Various - "Noisefest 2003 Commemorative Coaster"
Format: CDR
Released: 2003-10

Noisefest 2003 Commemorative Coaster

Some of the artists that performed at the 2003 NorCal Noisefest. Well it may be used as a coaster but it also may be played in your favorite CD player to hear: Pedestrian Deposit, CMAU, Clew Of Theseus, Critical Theatre, Pop Culture Rape Victim, Delayed Sleep, INSTAGON (Lob, Dr. Oblivious, Muffin), Xome, krisTal marimba lounge, Products of Conception, C.J. Reaven Borosque, stimbox, Uberkunst, Thomas Helton, SICKNESS, and michelle webb. Super!

Third Organ / Xome - "Endemoniado"
Format: CDR
Released: 2003-06


Another fine release from Tabula Rasa Centro de Ruido in Spain. This time we are treated to a virtual cornucopia of noise sounds from Third Organ of Osaka, Japan and Xome of San Francisco, USA. Comes in pretty packaging usually reserved for DVDs. You have to like this one...

Various - "Harsh Planet"
Format: CDR in Fun 'zine
Released: 2003-05-01

Harsh Planet

This noisy compilation comes bundled inside a funzine... whatever that is. 'tis real fun and it's called Blod 6. So the CD has some delectible noise pieces on it by: Xome, Flatline Construct, Prurient, Autio Ethik, D-503, Telesmata, The Slum Pianos Foundation, Jeremy From Boise and Argus. What a hoot!

Various - "If Opera's Not Your Thing..."
Format: CD
Released: 2002-09

If Opera's Not Your Thing...

This bitchin' compilation CD commemorates the Norcal Noisefest 2002 and contains top 100 smash hit noise tracks by Products of Conception , The Abstractions, Chachi Jones & Sawako, Xeno Volcano, +DOG+, krysTal marimba lounge, C/A/T , Instagon, Pop Culture Rape Victim, Delayed Sleep, Stimbox, Saint of Killers, Xome, Uberkunst, and Sickness. A swell (as in 'swollen') release for sure. If you want a copy, Xome has some so click here to find out how YOU may be able to get one.

Xome / DCLXVI - "split"
Format: CD-R
Released: 2002-06


Split release of two distinctive harsh noise artists. DCLXVI dishes out some computer based noise while Xome manages to construct sounds of noise which can fill a (small) room.

Xome - "Blackness"
Format: Business card size CD-R
Released: 2002-06


Five minutes and forty three seconds of flowing harsh noise swellness which will make you think of people you've never met. Limited. PACrec19.

Xome - "Itch"
Format: CD-R
Released: 2002-05


'Itch'. It's more than a concept. 'Itch' is a blazing fast harsh noise release by Xome. Probably nothing more. Probably nothing less. A message from the mind of Xome to the mind of you.

Xome - "Fur"
Format: CDR
Released: 2002-01-01


Harsh noise made good and fresh for you and your ears. Produced by Stimbox means that this disc will shake parts of your body you didn't even know you had. The first 15 copies have a special cover with a piece of some kind of animal fur cemented to it.

Various - "Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men"
Format: CDR
Released: 2001-12

Beautiful sounds for you just in time for Xmas 2001 by C/A/T, .V.L.A.D., Xome, \, 13 RXTNLE, r-drik, Conure, Goose, DJ Saint Nick, eM, ga-ne-tli-yo-s-di, lefthandeddecision, Zelifkizum, Lather, Stolen Light, Ovum, Suspicion Breeds Confidence, TGF, and Wilt. Pheeew!

Various - "unwelcome or ignored"
Format: CD
Released: 2001-11-17

unwelcome or ignored

This fine compilation CD commemorates the Norcal Noisefest 2001 and contains an amusing yet oh-so-crunchy Xome track as well as pieces by Chachi Jones, Filthmilk, Delayed Sleep, Control R Workshop, Critical Theatre, C/A/T, Kris Tal Marimba Lounge, Products of Conception, Stimbox, Pedestrian Deposit, K. Atchley, Instagon, Uberkunst, Klowd, Human Bone Bicycle Sciences Industries and Conure. An entertaining release indeed. If you want a copy, Xome has some so click here to find out how YOU may be able to get one.

Xome - "Rebirth"
Format: VCD
Released: 2001-08-11


A video CD release of a previously released Xome video depicting fun noise, alien abductions, mysterious UFOs and everyday Tokyo life. Video CDs are viewable with most DVD players.

Xome - "23 minutes"
Format: VCD
Released: 2001-08-11

23 minutes

A video CD release of a couple of Xome things. The first part involves about 28 minutes of live video footage of a Xome show from January 1995 at Gear in Kouenji, Tokyo, Japan. Lots of noisy entertainment here. The second part is a video composed by Nanako Inayama of dori-dock, a Tokyo art/media duo. Xome did the sound part so expect some nice noise on this biotch.

Various - "Box Full of Ghosts"
Format: Three 7 inch vinyl & CDROM
Released: 2001-05

Box Full of Ghosts

Boxed set including three previously released split 7" records by TV Pow / liminal, Kazumoto Endo / Incapacitants, and Christian Marclay / Otomo Yoshihide. Plus a CD-ROM featuring new videos from Flexible Products, liminal, and TV Pow, and barely-seen-before live footage of Melt-Banana, Otomo Yoshihide, and Xome.

Xome - "Party"
Format: CD-R
Released: 2001-03


Burn out and pop-a-wheely with this harsh grinding noise made just for you by Xome! You might want to play this real loud for people you know but don't want to know anymore. Peel out!

Xome - "Sushi"
Format: CD-R
Released: 2000


This is a CD-R release of a previosly released cassette. CD-Rs are more fun. See what it's like in a world full of busy salespeople and hear the sounds that they hear. Don't show your pastor this one. Wonderful yet oh so silly packaging with confusing toy suprises inside and harsh mucky-muck on the inside. A lot of fun.

Xome - "Live at Ikebukuro Cyber"
Format: CD-R
Released: 2000

Live at Ikebukuro Cyber

A new CD-R release of an old XOME show recorded 1995-08-10 at the glam rock epicenter in Tokyo. Many, many things were broken on purpose at this live performance. The sound is something that is still ringing in people's ears.

Xome - "Blind Frenchies and Pork"
Format: 2 CD-R set
Released: 2000

Blind Frenchies and Pork

Here is a 2 CD-R set Bea Tavvey would be proud. My mother even called me on this one. Approximately 90 minutes of sound textures and resonating harshness on a whopping 2 CD-Rs. This is a CD-R release of the cassette released in 1995. There's even a track called "bonus track", which is a bonus track which all CD-R re-releases of cassettes should have.

Xome - "Q thru W"
Format: DAM CD (from mp3.com)
Released: 2000

Q thru W

Those damn CDs you can get from mp3.com. Xome has one on there with a mish mosh of crunchy noise guaranteed to make you think about numbers 56 and 723. The DAM CD supposedly contains mp3 data as well as audio tracks.

Xome - "Goodbye Yesterday and Hello Tomorrow"
Format: CD-R
Released: 2000

Goodbye Yesterday and Hello Tomorrow

Imagine this : you've just accidentally listened to JPop music. DON'T WORRY!! Just slide this CD-R into any nearby CD player and you're cured within seconds. The harsh noise cleanses the likes of Smap, Glay, Judy & Mary, Mister Children and B'z right out of your system. You'll thank Xome after this one.

Xome - "Bolt"
Format: CD-R
Released: 2000


Gosh! Kick more ass when you're out showing off your high hormone levels at the local Bowling Alley. Rick Dobbs reports perfect scores while listening to this Slow noise release by Xome ... and now folks down there know him as the King of the Ten Pins. See a cover please.

Various - "From Japan to Austin"
Format: CD-R
Released: 2000

From Japan to Austin

Compilation CD-R of a tape that was never really released on Negatron around 1996. Contains 14 tracks of previously unreleased Xome & Xome related noise projects.

Xome / Merzbow - "split"
Format: 7 inch
Released: 1998


Hello! That long awaited 7 inch piece of green vinyl containing clever trax by Japanese noise master Masami Akita of Merzbow and another hefty side by the noise gangsters at Xome, also residing in Japan, is now officially in a released state. The label responsible for this little gem is the one and only Gentle Giant straght out of Kalamazoo, Michigan in the U S of A. It's pressed on pretty greenish/clearish vinyl but contains some hella phat noise cuts guaranteed to bring you hours and hours of listening enjoyment.

Various - "the miracle of re-creation"
Format: VHS
Released: 1998

the miracle of re-creation

Video compilation with your friend Xome as well as other miraculous scenes from Xerobot, Melt-Banana, Jaks, TV POW, U.S. Maple, Monitor Radio, 7000 Dying Rats, Flying Luttenbachers, Wheaton Research, Tony Young, Cheer Accident, Lake of Dracula, Grand Afro Master, Scissor Girls, Otomo Yoshihide, Cinghiale, Violent Onsen Geisha, and liminal. Last I heard it was sold out.

Xome - "Glue For The Masses"
Format: cassette
Released: 1998

Glue For The Masses

Sticky paste-like noise. You are going to have to wash your hands after listening to this tape... (from Self Abuse catalog) Limited edition of 50, 25 as double cassette.

Xome - "Sushi"
Format: C30
Released: 1997


See what it's like in a world full of busy salespeople and hear the sounds that they hear. Don't show your pastor this one. Wonderful yet oh so silly packaging with confusing toy suprises inside and harsh mucky-muck on the inside. A lot of fun. Look at the cover.

Xome - "Harvest"
Format: C30
Released: 1997

Your ears will pop out of your head when you hear this one. A blast of this and a blast of that...far better than a blast from the past. This consumer product will prove to you once and for all that you, too, have been abducted by extraterrestrial smart guys and they're still fucking with you.

Various - "Maximum Noise Vol 2"
Format: cassette
Released: 1997

Maximum Noise Vol 2

A nice noise cut as well as silly art by Xome is in the "Maximum Noise Volume 2" compilation on Hebi Like A Snake. Other producers of sounds include : Aube, Macronympha, MSBR, Death Squad, Cock E.S.P., Hanged Man's Orgasm, Dyslexis Coup, Richard Ramirez, Mote, Atrax Morgue, Skin Crime, Son of Noise, Black Leather Jesus, Crawl Unit, and Stimbox. Too bad this is no longer available!!

Death Squad / Xome - "split"
Format: C60
Released: 1997


Jumpin Jesus on a pogo stick! All on one hour of magnetic tape, hear the unforgetable rage of noise from Death Squad from San Francisco, California with a rancid array of sounds and mentality from Xome. Limited to a mere 100 copies.

Xome - "Rebirth"
Format: VHS - 30min
Released: 1997


After viewing this piece of magnetic media, you'll agree that old is, in fact, new, UFO's are here on this earth now and all humans have the birth given right to forget. Includes live footage from the 95.6.8 XOME show at Showbaot. Very fresh, enlightning, artsy and best of all...noisy. cover.

Xome - "TaVe 23.4"
Format: C60
Released: 1996

TaVe 23.4

Top 40 smash "HIT" (So says the son of all mighty glug) Do this: Spat lick your good old fool master until the poor bastard spits and curls. This will make you think of Little Fat Boys. Whop!

Xome - "roast chicken"
Format: C60
Released: 1996

roast chicken

Wow! Parts and more parts. You'll want to move to a suburb after experiencing this piss-invoking substance. MMmmmm-good! A delectible choice of nice pork and green peas. #1 on WUNH in New Hampshire, USA for a whopping 2 weeks. Special Edition including EDM (Extended Disco Mixes) of all your favorites and no nude pictures of Mike Jackson. A new soft fuzzy case is also available with free toy suprises inside. Look at the cover.

Cock E.S.P. / Xome - "split"
Format: C60
Released: 1996


This collaboration of sorts includes one fresh and fuzzy side by the fabled COCK E.S.P. from Minnesota, USA and one additional side by XOME, the up and coming, mostly coming, electronic noise outfit from Tokyo, Japan. The COCK E.S.P. side includes a mysterious adventure into pseudo-reality and broken equipment. Flip the tape over to find a couple of squeaks and churns amplipied to unheard of levels and drawn out over and over until your kidney bursts. Highly recommended high low fidelity stereo experiments in sound. Also available as another tape on E.F. Tapes in the USA. It is EF#71. Look at the cover.

Dyslexis Coup / Xome - "split"
Format: C60
Released: 1996


A most intriguing venture with two of the world's most talked about dissonant sound artists. The D.C. side includes a strange and meaningful trip into the socially incorrect world of cacophony. When your head stops spinning, turn the tape over for another dose of harsh electronic screams and atonal detonations by the folks at XOME. A must for weird music freaks. Click on this to go to the Dyslexis Coup page. Look at the cover.. Here is a photo snagged from somebody trying to sell the Left Deviation version of this release on EBay.

Various - "Noise is the Theory. JTY Tapes is the Practice."
Format: cassette
Released: 1996

You must buy the tape on JTY TAPES entitled 'Noise is the Theory. JTY Tapes is the Practice' because XOME has a heavy cut on there too. This is right out of Hawaii. Also you can hear: Jay T. Yamamoto, AIS Band, VCM, Bast, Mike Mariani, T.L. Gilman and too many others in a wild laughable compilation of spoken word, sound collage, noise and other unexplainable doo-doo.

Various - "Oklahoma Calling Volume 5"
Format: cassette
Released: 1996

Oklahoma Calling Volume 5

XOME also appears on the Oklahoma Calling Volume 5 compilation cassette on Oklahoma Records in Tokyo. You can also be baffled by these other projects on the tape : Danball Band, AAA Bokusatsu Chain Saw Lobotomy, Ten Yen Anakinoko, Shimatsu Sound Saiku, Letter from Canada II, Attack Willy, Tsuchigui Shoubainin, Cherry Straw, Tabi, Yamanote Fujin, Nothing Inside, Samson 5, Mimikman. And more, I think. Wowzy! Wowzy...

Various - "Miracle of Levitation"
Format: CD
Released: 1996

Miracle of Levitation

What's better than a warm bowl of spit on a hot summer's day? Only the Miracle of Levitation compact diskette put out by the Gentle Giant Records. Besides Xome, you can hear with your own ears : Ground Zero, Uchihashi Kazuhisa, U.S. Maple, Pencilneck, 7000 Dying Rats, James Plotkin, Tsunoda Tsuguto, Ruins, Jim O'Rourke, Liminal, Akiyama-Sugimoto, Cult Junk Cafe, Melt Banana, Lumbar Trio, Altered States, Yasuhiro Ohtani, Otomo Yoshihide, Flying Luttenbachers and T.V. Pow!

Various - "Madibles in Crisis"
Format: cassette
Released: 1996

It's a mandible and it's in a crisis. It's the first compilation cassette by the fine folks at Mandibles in Crisis magazine straight outta Hawaii. Besides two fat tracks by Xome, it also has some interesting listening material on the rough edge by : Death Squad, Stimbox, 3D House of Beef, Mike Nobody, Cock E.S.P. Fognozzle, Jay T. Yamamoto and Men's Recovery Project. You must get this before it disappears.

Various - "Maximum Noise Vol. 1"
Format: cassette
Released: 1995

Maximum Noise Vol. 1

Xome appeared on the 'Maximum Noise Vol. 1' cassette compilation cassette with some other fun bands such as: Daniel Menche, M. Shelton, Bonehead X., Knurl, Okaniwa-Fumihiro, Death Squad, Gigantopithecus, Cloud, Crawl Unit, Trauma Room and Stimbox. This is a must have item for you freaky music freaks out there but this item is no longer sold!!

Xome - "Blind frenchies and pork"
Format: C90
Released: 1995

Blind frenchies and pork

Just now available! The need persisted my sister yelled and here you have it. This one was recently under massive remix deconstruction in the figurative sense. Much gracias to everyone who became Bea Tavvey for this one.

Various - "The Sound of Samsara"
Format: cassette
Released: 1995

The Sound of Samsara

What else but this! E.F. Tapes has one of the most talked about compilations in cowboy bars and discos all over the world. XOME is presently on a compilation entitled 'The Sound of Samsara' with other luscious projects such as Web Fluid, Pain Jerk, Crank Stergeon, Tea Culture, Nimoy, Hard Hearing, Cock E.S.P., Daniel Menche, NWAS, Skin Crime, A.M.B., Jay T. Yamamoto, Coits, Macronymphia, (In Spite Of Flaming Creatures), Wham-O, The Amputease, Witcyst, Thirdorgan, Prick Decay, The Hearing Trumpet, Taint, Smell and Quim, Dyslexis Coup, Children At Play, Infant Reaction, Ashtray Navigations, Aube, Stimbox, Musicide, Richard Ramirez, Rexor. That was a lot for me to type so you better buy it. It's quite entertaining, by the way and comes on two 60 minute cassettes.

Stimbox / Xome - "split"
Format: C60
Released: 1995

This might make you think of the old school. Xome on one side and Stimbox on the other. No longer available but was released by Hebi Like A Snake Tapes.

Xome - "face 23"
Format: C60
Released: 1994

face 23

Slumped over crunchy lungs with a touch of tabasco. This is truly the pre-Brand Name(r) days of XOME. Just ask your local grocer. He will tell ya' the absolute truth concerning everything. Look at the cover.